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Traditional Apple Frangipane Flan
Traditional Apple Frangipane Flan

Get it all on this Recipe...

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Sweet Dough: 1 cup milk 8 cups sifted all-purpose flour 1 1/4 cups cold water 2 (0.6 ounce) cakes compressed fresh yeast 2 teaspoons salt 1/2 cup white sugar 4 tablespoons shortening 2 eggs 2 tablespoons melted shortening Apple Frangiapane Flan Filling: ½ Cup Raspberry Jam 2 Apples, Thinly sliced 3 cups Frangiapane (Almond Cream) 1/2 cup ground almond meal 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1 egg 3 tablespoons butter, softened 3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
Preparation Instructions
Sweet Dough Directions Scald milk in a medium saucepan. Add cold water to scalded milk. Remove 1/4 cup liquid; mix yeast into liquid when cooled to lukewarm. To liquid in saucepan, add salt, sugar, shortening, and eggs. Add dissolved yeast to saucepan. Mix well. Sift and measure the flour into a large bowl. Make a well in the flour, and pour the liquids into the well. Stir with a large wooden spoon until liquid disappears. With one hand, mix dough in bowl using swinging rotary motion. Gradually form dough into smooth ball, then knead in bowl for 2 minutes. Brush top with melted shortening. Cover, and allow dough to rise at room temperature for 2 hours. Do not set bowl on radiator or in hot place. Keep away from droughts. Allow dough to rise until doubled in bulk. Punch down dough. Use dough for any sweet bread recipe. Apple Frangiapane Flan Filling: Roll the sweet dough, when it’s at room temperature, on a floured surface. Roll it flat, and then lay it into a flan pan, pressing the dough into the sides. For the filling, add raspberry jam to the bottom of the flan shell. Then add the almond cream (frangiapane) to fill the flan pan, up to ¾ full. Lay apple slices on top of the Almond Cream. Egg wash the top of the apples, and sprinkle sugar on top. Bake in the over 325 degree Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, or until browned
Restaurant Name
Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Ottawa
Canada, Ottawa, 453 Laurier avenue East, Ottawa, ONK1N 6R4
Restaurant Phone
613 236 2460
Chef Name
Joe Calabro

Traditional Apple Frangipane Flan

A frangipane is an almond-flavored cream, which is a main highlight of this dessert. Flans are a baked pastry with a savory or sweet filling – in this case, consisting of almond meal, ricotta, eggs, golden raisins, and lemon and orange zest (finely grated peel).

Once the filling is in the pastry and the lattice top is placed on top, brush an egg wash over it to gives a golden appearance and tender flakiness. To make an egg wash, break an egg into a bowl. If desired, add just a tiny amount of milk or water. Whisk the egg or egg mixture. Use a pastry brush to apply the wash over the pastry before placing it in the oven.

★★★   2831 votes
Reviews (16)
bySean, July 14, 2012
Seems like a good video. Not the best and details leave much to be desired, but that's why there's instructions for this recipe.
bygenevive, July 5, 2012
From its recipe video alone, it is quite unclear and so difficult to follow. I am newly wedded wife and a first time cook. I am looking for a easy and delicious recipe, but it seems your sites and recipes are for experts only!
byRia, July 4, 2012
This is my first time I've ever made something like this. The video presentation is very nice and its actually clear to understand. But maybe the admin should fix the layout so viewers will not be confused on browsing this site.
byMikhail, July 3, 2012
The presentation of the preparation instructions is unappealing and ugly, I don't even wanna look at it, good thing there is a video... oh wait that doesn't work either, too bad, I want to make this recipe... oh well, there are better websites out there, and I'm going to visit them right now.
byJXxjoneiLeeX, June 29, 2012
When you said "Traditional", I was expecting something familiar in ANY way…then I found it so unusual from me and I am quite traditional myself. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm not familiar with this traditional flan or it really is not traditional.
byValerie, June 29, 2012
I found this cake delicious. Have made this several times and it's always a great success, both visually and taste-wise.
byLorie, June 28, 2012
For me, if you ask me what is the traditional taste what i love to prepare. Well I way say is “Apple Frangipane Flan". I don’t know why i always prepare this but i thing I’m sure about is that the flan have undeniable taste that everyone will love.
byrebecca, June 28, 2012
I think basing from the instructions and demonstration of the video, it is quite confusing. I can't follow how it is been done.
byChris, June 25, 2012
I really love how the ingredients blend in together, i love the right taste of sweetness, its sweet but its not too sweet enough for you too say yummy!
byCatya, June 20, 2012
I don't like how the ingredients blend in together, its too sweet for me and theres another taste I can't determine but I surely don't like it.
byJen, June 19, 2012
I found this cake quite delicious, but I think it is the same thing. Otherwise I wonder if you could substitute in other recipe. Let it be said I am not a good baker to begin with though. Maybe that could have been why, but after baking Apple Frangipane Flan it was VERY greasy. I had to actually drain while it was still warm, if I hadn’t have done that it would have been ruined! Not the exact recipe I want.
byAnnie, June 18, 2012
This rich and delicious dessert is a great alternative to apple pie for
your dinner table. This dessert will be the highlights of your celebration and I bet your guests will love this.
bySandrea, June 18, 2012
This Apple Frangipane flan is no exception. I brought it over to us a few weeks back to try and I’m glad that my in-laws love it. It held up perfectly. As I recall, we thought that the recipe was a little too soft for our tastes. Being that the recipe was the same as the last flan I made. We attempted to firm the crust up a little by putting it in the oven for a few minutes. Well, I did great.
byKelly, June 17, 2012
I am going to make it for a Thanksgiving gathering and will add 2 apples to the almond paste. Beautiful presentation! But I thought this was mediocre. Enough almond taste, sweet enough, and Golden Delicious apples did great. It looked beautiful just as complete. I definitely like this recipe.
byKelly, June 17, 2012
I am going to make it for a Thanksgiving gathering and will add 2 apples to the almond paste. Beautiful presentation! But I thought this was mediocre. Enough almond taste, sweet enough, and Golden Delicious apples did great. It looked beautiful just as complete. I definitely like this recipe.
I’m really having a hard time looking for recipes for my son’s birthday. Until I discovered this site. I tried some recipes to know what will be the taste of it and almost all the dish I tried really taste good. He even told me to do the recipes for his birthday and this dish is one of those. Thanks for having this delightful cuisine.
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