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Chocolate Cake ( Moelleux au chocolat)
Chocolate Cake ( Moelleux au chocolat)

Get it all on this Recipe...

Download Chocolate Cake ( Moelleux au chocolat) as pdf
Cooking Time
20 minutes total
Recommended Wine
Banyuls grand cru
Difficulty Level
19 ½ oz. butter, 21 oz. chocolate, 18 egg whites, 4 cup sugar, 2 1/2 cup flour
Preparation Instructions
Melt butter. Add chocolate pieces and melt, stirring constantly. Mix egg whites with sugar. Mix in flour. Pour mixture into prepared molds. Bake 3 to 4 minutes in a 350 degrees F oven.
Restaurant Name
Chef Name

Chocolate Cake ( Moelleux au chocolat)

This is one of the oldest French dessert recipes. Make sure you use good chocolate (like Lindt, Frey) above 70% and real butter. Amazing. Also, you can keep the batter in the fridge for 5 days for an immediate gourmet treat any day of the week.

The taste of smooth milk chocolate melting in the mouth... licking the remaining off the sticky fingers - brings back memories of childhood. The allure of chocolate holds millions in its sway, adults and children alike. Thick smooth slabs of dark chocolate, crunchy nut chocolate, gourmet chocolate truffles, and yummy caramel fillings, chocolate - the range is wide. If you are a chocolate gourmet, read on and find out interesting trivia about Belgian chocolates and Swiss chocolates and the goodness of dark chocolate.

Beignets were most often enjoyed with cafe au lait. In New Orleans, cafe au lait is strong dark roast coffee and chicory, served with equal part hot milk. In the early history of Louisiana, chicory was added to coffee to stretch dwindling supplies. It was found that, in addition to stretching supplies, the chicory also created a smoother, richer brew. The addition of hot milk to strong coffee and chicory created one of the oldest and greatest coffee traditions in the world.


★★★   175 votes
Reviews (11)
byHarlem, June 1, 2012
I made this dessert for my kids by chance because they requested for it. In fact, at first I don’t really want to make this because I’m not familiar with this kind of dessert. But, after I made one, I feel how my kids enjoy the taste of it so I made this again and again. The chocolate inside it has very perfect fillings that your kids will surely enjoy!
byHanna, May 14, 2012
Thanks for the recipe. I made the clafouti for a party and it was a big success. I have but one thing in mind; can I replace black cherries with other fruits? Such as raspberry or something.. I was just wondering..
byTim, May 13, 2012
My kids’ passion is eating chocolate cake so I always make sure that I can give them different versions of it so when I saw this one, I quickly made one for them but I didn’t serve it to them because it resulted as a false cake coz it was really messy when I pulled it out from the oven. I know for sure I just did everything that is written in here and I can say that I am expert in baking chocolate cakes so it’s not my fault. It’s all about the instructions in here!
byRoxie Brosnahan, April 21, 2012
this is by far the worst chocolate cake i have ever made. i've tried many kinds of recipes, and the procedures were similar with each other. for this recipe, i could hardly understand the audio from the video, much more the text for the cooking procedures. it gave me a headache.
byJhoanie May Moundae, April 11, 2012
This recipe is incredible! So much better than the boxed cakes. Use good ingredients & this cake will not disappoint at all! Especially chocolate lovers! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!
byMelanie, March 28, 2012
easiest and quickest cake I have ever made! Will be baking this on a regular basis from now on. Kudos!
byJessica, March 23, 2012
A very simple recipe and yet comes out perfectly. My kids love it. I'll make this everyday for them. It's not so sweet, the butter did the trick. It's listed on my favorite recipes.
by, March 16, 2012
Very easy recipe! I loved the lightness of the cake and it wasn't exceedingly sweet. The flavor is rich and a little too chocolatey and sweet for me..I would reduce the amount of sugar or try a different approach. Overall, it's a nice basic recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.
byJohanna, March 10, 2012
A quick and easy dessert that can satisfy not just your chocolate craving but also your love for soft bread! This dish is the most soft and chocolaty ever! And you can even pair this off with white chocolate sauce, cream or sabayon. Truly a treat!
byKathy H., March 1, 2012
This recipe caught my attention and tried it immediately. An easy success if I say so myself. The presentation is so simple, even novices can follow.

When it comes to the dish itself, this could easily be anyone's favorite. The taste of rich and smooth chocolate melting in your mouth just makes you forget about anything.

It's good to indulge in it once in a while just lift your spirits up.
bymamta, January 30, 2012
it is an excellent recipe tell me one thing can we replace eggs with any veg. ingredient
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