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Restaurant Name
Michelin Ranking
France, Mandelieu-La Napoule, Rue Jean-Honore Carle
Restaurant Phone
+33 4 93 49 95 5
Restaurant Fax
+33 4 93 49 64 1
Restaurant Website


""Perfectly situated between Cannes and Saint-Raphael, in close distance to the port and castle from La Napoule, the restaurant ''L'Oasis'' deserves its name. The inside court is a fascinating symphony to tropical plants, a cascade refreshing the area. After obtaining 2 Michelin stars at Gerard Pangaud's in Paris, Stephane Raimbault spent 10 years in Japan, fascinating abroad with his special talents of the French cuisine and art de vivre. Returning to France, Stephane Raimbault came back to his roots. Together with his two brothers, he took over the prestigious 3-Michelin-star establishment from Louis Outhier, a student from Fernand Point. Just aside of their restaurant, you can purchase fresh bread, traditional fougasse and confectioneries, prepared by Francois Raimbault. ""

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