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Stephane Raimbault
Stephane Raimbault

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Restaurant Name
Michelin Ranking
France, Mandelieu-La Napoule, Rue Jean-Honore Carle
Restaurant Phone
+33 4 93 49 95 5
Restaurant Fax
+33 4 93 49 64 1
Restaurant Website

Stephane Raimbault

Stéphane Raimbault together with his two brothers Francis and Tony opened their restaurant L’Oasis in 1999 on the coast of La Napoule, in the building that was once home to Louis Outhier's mythical restaurant. Stéphane spent five years alongside Gerard Pangaud (two Michelin stars), and then became a consultant for Louis Outhier in Japan, where he experimented with Japanese flavours. Stéphane Raimbault’s cooking was enriched by his travel experiences. His cuisine is largely inspired by the markets of Provence with a touch of the Orient.

★★★★   65 votes
Reviews (7)
byTony, June 27, 2012
This is the kind of restaurant that I want to visit, the location is great and the scenery is quite remarkable and peaceful too. The chef’s name is quite familiar to me, and by viewing the video I can say that he’s a remarkable chef.
byalicia, June 3, 2012
The first time we went in this was a very terrible experienced! From the corners of it -- full of cob webs, staffs are very arrogant and impolite and worst -- the food is not good. I ordered a well done tenderloin beef but then they served a medium rare meal... very disappointing feeling! "Not worth paying for" -- the service and food that they present to us.
byJenny Rose, May 22, 2012
This restaurant is really worth visiting. The food was superb and excellent service is perfection. The staffs were so friendly and professional as you would expect to a great restaurant. Nice one.
byNoreen Reith, May 22, 2012
One of the best restaurants in France. The ambience was awesome! The best value for money I’ve ever found can be seen here. You can see on the platter that is served that all ingredients are carefully selected and are made sure that all are fresh. Everything was so delicious. This place is truly worth revisiting.
I had the misfortune to order the dinner menu,because of the ritzy price, The restaurant is incapable of serving good quality food. It looks like that the menu is an entry fee to them. Here, you buy the frame, not what we found on his plate! All I know, for a 2 Michelin star restaurant, where normally the appetizers are supposed to make us die for!. It is a shame! But why invest in quality when their guests are willing to shell out hundreds and thousands in a varied wine lists, with little regards to the culinary level that leaves much to be desired? With greed, the values ​​of the French gastronomic tradition is being lost. Although I'm disappointed with the food the quality of service was good though.
byliza, April 27, 2012
Second time within two years to visit his establishment and it is good - very good and worth its 3 Michelin Stars. The outdoor areas in a garden setting are very relaxing and a lovely way to fine dine and spend a few hours. The staffs are very friendly and professional as you would expect from such an established restaurant. The dessert chariot is something to behold and even if you are full it is very hard to resist the exquisite selection. Since my first visit, I had been receiving e-mails with up to date happenings at the restaurant which I think is nice. I would strongly recommend this restaurant.
bysteph, March 21, 2012
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