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Mediterranean eel in a Cress Sauce with Potato Puree and Tomatoes
Mediterranean eel in a Cress Sauce with Potato Puree and Tomatoes

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Download Mediterranean eel in a Cress Sauce with Potato Puree and Tomatoes as pdf
Preparation Time
  • 30 minutes
  • Cooking: 140 minutes
Cooking Time
30 minutes
Recommended Wine
Bellet blanc
1 eel, about 2 lbs., 3.5 oz. butter, 2/3 cups dry white wine, 1/2 cup Vermouth, 4 shallots, minced, 4 tablespoons double cream, 1 bunch cress, 10 nasturtium (or capucine) leaves, 2 tomatoes, 2 potatoes, 1/2 cup olive oil, salt, pepper, sugar
Preparation Instructions
Prepare the eel fillets. Reserve the skin and store in the refrigerator. Cook shallots in butter. Add bones and sweat for 2 minutes. Add white wine and Vermouth. Bring to boiling. Place in the oven for about 20 minutes. Strain, using a wooden spoon to press down on the contents. Strain a second time in the fine sieve. Put the sauce in a saucepan and reduce. Add cream and continue reducing. Incorporate 3.5 oz. butter into the sauce. Adjust the seasoning and, finally, add some pureed herbs. Bring to a boil. Blanch the nasturtium leaves and the cress leaves. Prepare a puree and set aside. Prepare the tomatoes and cut into quarters. Put them on a salted, peppered and slightly sugared dish for 2 hours in a 200 degrees F. oven. Cook the potatoes in salted water. Make a puree. Add some olive oil. Bake the eel on a plate or in a pan, turning once, at the very end of the baking. Place the potato puree on the serving dish. Place the eel next to it, skin-side up. Lay the preserved tomatoes on top as decoration.
Restaurant Name
Chef Name

Mediterranean eel in a Cress Sauce with Potato Puree and Tomatoes

Eels became popular in Spain at the turn of the century when the Basques, always at the forefront of Spanish cooking, made angulas part of their cuisine and elevated them to culinary stardom.


The Mediterranean Moray is an eel of the large Moray family. It is also called the Roman Eel because it was a fine delicacy for the ancient Romans. These large eels, reaching up to 1.5 metres (5 feet) in length and up to 15 kilograms in weight, are on the higher part of the food chain, able to hunt and eat very large sea creatures. Read more:

Recently some Spanish restaurants seeking creative uses for traditional ingredients have subjected angulas to a host of indignities. Most chefs agree, however, that the classic preparation “a la Bilbaina” is still the best; once other ingredients are added, the taste of angulas can easily be overpowered and the angulas run the risk of becoming little more than a high-priced garnish, angulas salad, for example, made with olive oil, shallots and a touch of Truffle-scented vinegar, is extraordinarily good and so is angulas on toast coated with a light bechamel sauce and run under the broiler, it can also be served a salad of angulas with pickled hot green pepper encircled by warm homemade pasta. Because the season for angulas is short and demand overwhelming, angulas sell at somewhat scandalous prices. Fresh angulas are available in restaurants from late October through February and can be found frozen, at similar prices, all year long in many restaurants.

The German recipe "hamburger aalsuppe" is, simply, hamburger eel soup. Hamburgers are also passionate about their eel pies but nowhere else in Germany is eel fever more intense than in Lindau on the Bodensee. The quaint village tucked into the Alps claims to prepare eel 67 different ways.


★★★½   58 votes
Reviews (12)
byJane, June 11, 2012
Celebrated a birthday with family and really splashed out on the Menu Creative. All 10 courses were delightful. I’m not used to in eating an eel but when I tasted the Mediterranean eel in a Cress Sauce with Potato Puree and Tomatoes at Le Moulin de Mougins restaurant it was a great experience because I really wanted the taste it almost led us to try new wines. It cost a fortune but gives a wonderful memory.
bysilvia, June 6, 2012
I am quite confused on the preparation and cooking time: it seems it is not consistent! Too many information were written but then I can't understand it either.
bypatricica, May 23, 2012
I don't think you should add the bones for it is not any more applicable to the dish! What's the use of the bones anyway in the recipe? Never the less it looks like an awful recipe, for it has a less lemon and no ginger to remove its fishy smell!
byLorna T., May 12, 2012
I used to like eel recipe but this Mediterranean eel is the worst eel recipe that I’ve ever tasted. And some of the ingredients that I’m not familiar with are not available in the market. I think this is only applicable for restaurants.
byLilia Bruch, April 30, 2012
At first, I thought this dish was going to be a failure, because eel is very tough to handle. I was surprised by how very flavorful it is! The meat of the eel is very delicious. And the video for this recipe helped me a lot.
byAxel Roe, April 24, 2012
Actually eel is the last food that I would have eaten on this earth. I wouldn’t put any comment on this recipe, however...this changed my mind. Just lately, after seeing this, I realized that there are more great stuffs about eel. Eating eel just levelled up on my list. It is the 3rd on my favorite things I want to eat now. This recipe changed me a lot.
byBeth24, April 12, 2012
handling the eel is one of the hardest things I have ever done in the kitchen. Iwas so afraid of cutting myself that I end up dropping the eel several times on the counter. I hope you post relevant information on how to handle eel and other ingredients.
byRoanne, March 26, 2012
I tried this recipe before and it was the worst eel recipe that I had ever tasted before, sorry but not good enough.
byDelilah, March 16, 2012
I love eel dish but I don’t know how to cook. When I saved this video and downloaded the PDF file, I was able to do it, except I have some troubles of understanding the cooking terms. I couldn’t believe myself when I already finished the dish. I am so happy I made it, this first recipe that I have made gave me the opportunity to cook.
byLorna, March 8, 2012
I hate eels! The way eels looks it gave me the feeling that I would puke if I am looking at it. My dad made this dish last Saturday. The finished product tasted so wild that I could finish it up in just seconds. I want some more eel recipes!
byXD, March 7, 2012
I’ve never seen tomatoes being used that way. Nor have I ever thought of it. Even the other steps and preparations are varied version of some usual procedures and the others looks really new to me. This chef, in contrary to how old he looks, definitely knows how to bring in something new to the table.
byMelanie, March 2, 2012
I think that it was a great recipe to have at home. I would not mind making it at home for my family. They would enjoy it a lot. Some of my friends would like it but others would not like it.
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