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Roasted pineapple with vanilla and flambeed with old rum
Roasted pineapple with vanilla and flambeed with old rum

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Preparation Time
  • Preparation time & cooking: 15 minutes
Cooking Time
15 minutes
Recommended Wine
Muscat de Rivesaltes
1 pineapple (about 0.19 pounds), 2 vanilla pods, 5 ½ tablespoons sugar, 1 ½ tablespoons sweet butter, 1/4 cup old Rum (amber), juice from 2 oranges, 4 scoops vanilla ice cream, 4 mint leaves, 4 currant grapes
Preparation Instructions
Preparation: Peel and prepare the pineapple. Cut 4 thick slices and remove the core. Preheat the pan and add 1 ½ tablespoons butter. Once the butter turns hazelnut-brown, place the pineapple in the pan. Sear well. Sprinkle with sugar and let it caramelize. Flambé with old rum. Pour orange juice over this and add the vanilla pods (cut in half, following their length). Boil the whole on low heat, moistening the pineapples from time to time. Once you obtain a syrup-like sauce, the pineapples are cooked. Presentation and arrangement: Place a pineapple slice in the middle of a serving dish and cover it with sauce. Lay a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of this. Place a currant grape and mint leaf beside it, as decoration. Serve this dessert warm.
Restaurant Name

Roasted pineapple with vanilla and flambeed with old rum

Without stepping into simple or elaborate cooking, fruits as gourmet desserts can be prepared in a flash. Choose among nature’s best ingredients, seasonal fleshy fruits, citrus fruits, seedless fruits. Add fresh cream, syrups, honey or yogurt with or without toppings…and you have a delicious, healthy dessert. In the absence of fresh fruits, opt for canned fruits.


Flavored rum has gained wide popularity over the years. Dark, light or gold rum - the taste lingers! The first rum cocktail in America was made from rum, sugar, water, and lemon juice; it was named ‘rum sling’. Tempting and multicolored cocktails can be prepared with rum as the base. Look up exciting rum dessert recipes. Other than the fresh and healthy taste, gourmet fruit desserts give you vital vitamins and fiber. Shake up a rum cocktail and beat the summer heat, rum cocktails can be enjoyed during hot days as well as cool gusty nights. Rum cocktails are linked to tropical cocktails because of their sweetness; this is so because rum derives a distinct flavor from sugarcane. Rum is the most commonly used liquor in preparing cocktails and is also popular as cocktail friendly liquor. Rum can blend well with any cocktail ingredient and so is the most popular liquor choice for cocktails


★★★½   69 votes
Reviews (13)
byMara, August 16, 2012
Very delicious. Perfect for spring!. Powdered cinnamon would add another dimension to it. I learn from other reviews as I am searching before.
byRene, July 17, 2012
I did this one with a few minor changes and came out awesome! The recipe instruction is very clear and the video is loading well.
byPhat, June 7, 2012
I did this recipe for the first time and I don’t appreciate the flavor, the rum and roast pineapple gives nasty taste for this dessert!
byPhat, June 7, 2012
I did this recipe for the first time and I don’t appreciate the flavor, the rum and roasted pineapple gives a nasty taste for this dessert!
byVen, June 7, 2012
This tasted so bitter, I won’t make it again! The pineapple should not be roasted for this type of dessert recipe!
byHayden, May 28, 2012
I just love eating fresh fruits, no baking or even roasting because it’s not good if roasted, the natural vitamins it will give will be moved out! Just follow everything on this recipe except for roasting pineapples!
byBilly, May 13, 2012
Putting rum on the roasted pineapple will result into sourly flavor. Adding an ice-cream on it is not a very good idea. Sorry to say but this recipe is not my type.
bygina, April 17, 2012
i don't like adding a rum or liquor to vanilla flavor, it is not good. I don't like the mixture, very awful!
byJuanita Caceres, April 2, 2012
tasteless is the complete opposite of this delectable dessert. It's perfect for any occasion, and obviously full of flavor thanks to the rum.
bylinda, March 29, 2012
This was fantastic! I had a couple of tweaks due to ingredients on hand, and it was a hit for dessert after our dinner! Definitely making this one again!
bySolenn, March 14, 2012
An easy way to make roasted pineapple... Every time I prepare this for my friends, they always ask for a second batch because they said its taste is exclusive. This is our favorite roasted pineapple recipe ever!
I have flambéed bananas following a recipe from this website before, and then I saw this and I said why not try this and flambé some pineapples, too. And so I did, the results I got were oh, so yummy even without the ice cream, the rum sauce is enough for this treat.
byCarmen, March 1, 2012
This recipe is a trouble-free one; all the instructions were clearly stated! All the flavors are distinctive and apt for the season. The flambé process really gave the dish a nice flair. The caramelizing process of the pineapple while being toasted with the hazelnut butter is fantastic. What I really love about it is that you can munch the roasted pineapple! You can even prepare this in a flash and make a big presentation out of this simple dish. it is really nicely done. The ice cream melted with the sweet sauce is the perfect finish.
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