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Sabayon Popular

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4 egg yolks 1 oz dessert liquor 1 tbsp white granulated sugar
Preparation Instructions:
Combine egg yolks sugar and dessert liqueur in a stainless steel bowl, place stainless steel bowl on a hot bain –marie. Whish vigorously for 2 to 3 minutes until consistency is that of soft whipped cream.
Restaurant Name:
Ottawa Marriotte Hotel.
Restaurant Address
100 Kent Street, Ottawa, ONK1P 5R7, Ottawa, , Canada
Restaurant Phone:
613 783 4229
Chef Name:
Timothy Barton

This dessert is a simple way to take advantage of summer’s fresh fruits. It consists of chopped fruits covered in a sabayon sauce. “Sabayon” is a French term for a warm or cold custard made from eggs, cream, wine, and sugar. It can be either a dessert all on its own, or is served with other elements to create a dessert. It is similar to the Italian “zabaglione.”

To create a sabayon, a bain marie (or water bath) is needed to prevent the custard from overcooking. Cooking and restaurant stores sell bain maries, but any set of pans that fit inside each other may work. Traditionally, the bain marie is shaped like a cylinder; the outer pan holds the water, while a smaller, inner pan (that doesn’t touch the bottom of the larger pan) holds the custard ingredients.

Although using the bain marie may seem foreign, it isn’t difficult. In very little time, the custard is complete, and putting the finished dish together takes only a few moments.

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