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Get it all on this Recipe...

Download Tiramisu as pdf
Preparation Time
  • Preparation time & cooking:15 minutes + 6 hour in the refrigerator
Cooking Time
15 minutes
Recommended Wine
8.8 oz. mascarpone (an Italian triple-cream cheese), 3 eggs (separated), 5 tablespoons sugar, 1 ½ tablespoons Italian Marsala wine, 12 long sugared cookies (lady fingers), ¾ cup strong coffee, 1 ½ tablespoons cocoa powder, 1 small cup molten chocolate for garnishing
Preparation Instructions
Using a beater, mix the sugar with the egg yolk. Add the mascarpone and mix gently with the beater until smooth. Beat the egg whites. Add to the sugar mixture. Add the Marsala wine. Break the cookies in half and soak them in the coffee. Refrigerate. Pour the cream over the cookies and sprinkle with cocoa. Garnish with molten chocolate.


Tiramisu is one of the most popular Italian cakes. It is made of biscuits (usually savoiardi) dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone, and flavored with liquor and cocoa. The recipe has been adapted into many varieties of puddings, cakes and other desserts. Tiramisu is a layered dessert, consisting of alternating layers of coffee-soaked Savoiardi biscuits and sweet mixture of mascarpone cheese and Zabaglione. Cocoa powder is sifted on top (and sometimes between layers) as both a garnish and a bitter counterpoint to the sweetened cheese mixture.

To prepare the biscuit layer, Savoiardi (light, finger-sized sponge cakes, commonly known as ladyfingers in the United States) are soaked in espresso or strong coffee, often with an addition of a flavorful liquor such as sweet marsala wine or dark rum.

For the Mascarpone cheese layer, Zabaglione custard is first prepared: egg yolks are mixed with sugar and liquor (typically Marsala wine, but rum is frequently substituted) and mixed over simmering water until thickened and light in color. Mascarpone cheese is then beaten into the custard, and whipped cream is often added to lighten the mixture. This mixture is spread over the coffee-soaked biscuits, often topped with a dusting of cocoa powder, and more layers are added.Countless variations for tiramisu exist. Some cooks use other cakes or sweet, yeasted breads, such as panettone, in place of ladyfingers.Other cheese mixtures are used as well, some containing raw eggs, and others containing no eggs at all. Other liquors are frequently substituted for the traditional Marsala wine in both the coffee and the cheese mixture, including dark rum, Madeira, port, brandy and cognac.


★★★★   70 votes
Reviews (12)
byClaire, August 22, 2012
I really love these kinds of recipe, very enjoyable to eat and at the same time, very nutritious. I should continuously view this site. Thanks for this!
bybetty, May 31, 2012
The taste is so bitter! I think it must lessen the amount of coffee and add some more sweet in it or simply add more chocolates or cocoa in it!
byanthony, May 30, 2012
Though the dish is very exciting and tasty, it is too much expensive that some of us cannot afford and have a long process if there is some alternative or remedy of this I will love to know.
byjane, May 19, 2012
It will takes a while before I cook this kind of cake recipe! Looks very delicious but I can't wait to taste it... Not only that, it needs to lessen the amount of coffee to reduce the bitterness.
byLance Girardin, May 12, 2012
Nothing went right for me when I followed this recipe. The cookies hardly absorbed the wet ingredients. Not to mention the mascarpone was all chunky and clumped. A disappointing experience for me.
byBecka, April 25, 2012
I did this the moment I read the recipe. Lucky; I had to go out to do some errand, and I was able to buy mascarpone and the Marsala wine in the grocery (effort is worth it). I did it exactly the first time. It was so good! The following tries, I altered the measurement of some of the ingredients. I am amazed how flexible this recipe could get.
byRochelle, April 25, 2012
I am not a Tiramisu fan but apparently, this recipe was outstanding. It really blew my mind while eating this dish. Every bite was a bite made from heaven.
bySusan Boyl, April 7, 2012
It could be better if there’s an alternative for mascarpone because it is not available on most markets and grocery stores. I have a hard time looking for Italian stores and they say it is quite expensive.
byTiramisu lover!, March 31, 2012
I love Tiramisu! I’ve always wanted to eat it a lot but I just can’t afford to always buy or bother others much to cook me some. But now…ha! Had I known it is THIS easy to create Tiramisu then I would have long been enjoying it more than occasionally…now, I’ll be having Tiramisu for snack and dessert! Thanks for such a clear preparation… :)
byFrances, March 17, 2012
I’m tired of paying Italian restaurants just to have a bite of this and when I found this recipe I made it right away for our small gathering with some of my friends and they appreciate the taste of it. I didn’t change a thing on how to do this and it became a huge hit on the said event. An easy way to prepare a well known cake recipe of all time!
byJullienne, March 8, 2012
A simple and easy recipe for my all-time favorite Italian dessert. Although my favorite, the first time I actually tried to make it was when I came across this recipe. It is presented perfectly that my first result was almost perfect, too. I will keep on making this recipe until my output is flawless.
bySarah, March 1, 2012
I can’t think of a dessert recipe that could be served for my best friend’s homecoming party, until I found out this simple and easy to make dessert. I’m pretty sure this recipe will be a big hit for her. Because this one is her favorite dessert ever since. She really loves the taste of this dessert recipe for a reason that this tiramisu is a big different from her traditional tiramisu. My best friend keeps on asking for the recipe…Nice job for me…Thanks for this one.
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