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Turbotin braised with sorrel

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Preparation Time
25mn minutes
Cooking Time
25 minutes
Recommended Wine
Graves ou Saumur blanc
1 turbotin (about 4.4 lbs.), ½ cup dry wine, 2 shallots (chopped finely), 1/3 cup double thick cream, 2 bunches sorrel, LUBRICATED OLIVE, bread crumbs, nutmeg, walnut SHABBY, dry vermouth, egg HARD (BOILED?), 2 tablespoons butter, salt, pepper
Preparation Instructions
Gut the turbotin. CUT FLUKES OF EVERY SIDE. Immerse the fish in the very cold (even icy) water for 5 hours, refreshing the water once. Dry the turbotin in linen, RAISE THE NETS. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F. Peel the sorrel, by seizing the end of every leaf with the left hand and MAKE SLIP THE INCH AND INDEX OF THE RIGHT HAND, both sides of the stem, in order to detach the tender part. Wash and drain the leaves. Roll them THEN IN CIGAR and dice. Salt and pepper the NETS of turbotin on the two INCOMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS AND NO AVAILABLE VIDEO
Restaurant Name
Chef Name

Turbotin braised with sorrel


★★★½   56 votes
Reviews (11)
byDilan, June 17, 2012
Hey gourmetrecipe please provide a video and a complete instruction for this recipe. How would I make this recipe if there isn’t a single guide available? How the hell did they manage to create this recipe without a video and an incomplete detailed instruction? Imagination? Common sense? Or did they just made up their reviews? Please fix this at once.
bychloe, June 12, 2012
It is a very rare type of recipe that you can only see this in restaurants! Well in fact, it has a classical taste, that surely everyone will love its taste. Good for the heart too!
byDave, May 28, 2012
You know what? I literally messed up my to-buy list. Why you say? I had a hard time looking for turbotin, and I was pretty pissed (sorry) to know that turbotin is a small turbot! Man that was troublesome.
byDarren Guerrette, May 11, 2012
For someone who's tried cooking turbotin for the first time, I give myself a pat on the shoulders for a successful turn out of the recipe. It's delicious! I'm happy to find a reliable source for recipes like this.
byrebecca, April 30, 2012
I really love this recipe! I've tried this many times and I also recommended this to my friends! i'm so glad that I found this site!
This is so disgusting and disappointing -- because why is this recipe incomplete in instructions and its video not loading? I am interested on this recipe but then how will I cook this ???? I feel so dismayed about this. Try to revise and complete this recipe!
bySarah G., April 4, 2012
The video is not working and the preparation instruction is a mess and incomplete…
byYvetteKyle, March 31, 2012
A keeper and very much worth praising. I’ve been experimenting with turbotin for quite a while now and I haven’t reached the level of taste and ease this recipe hands in. Really a professional’s. I’m now an official Chef Roger Verge fan. (“,)
bytina, March 17, 2012
This amazing recipe is superb! The lovely and delicate flavor of turbotin really matches with sorrel. Flawless and effortless to follow the recipe. Thumbs up!
I just want you to know that the great combination of the ingredients in this recipe are terrific most especially the sharp sour taste of the sorrel. I will not forget this recipe. I will add this recipe on my written cookbook.
byDaphnia, March 2, 2012
I tried this recipe once and I was surprised because it came out fine! I add a little of nutmeg on it. My boyfriend was really impressed with this recipe. He requested me to make another one this weekend. He enjoyed this recipe so much! Nice job for me and for this recipe of yours! Thanks!
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